"Des Racines & des Ailes" is the motto that drives the new team at the head of the GREENWICH MODERN since January 2022.

Roots. Above all, they are those of this magnificent Brussels Art Nouveau style brasserie, which is proudly 118 years old, and whose walls are steeped in history.

Since the reopening of the place, these roots are also highlighted through Authentic Belgian Cuisine and Tradition, composed by our chef in accordance with the modern values of circularity and biodiversity, and through the processing of food supplied by selected local craftsmen and producers, and produced with respect for the reasoned exploitation of the earth and natural resources.

Wings. The new team aims to increase the Greenwich's presence in the cultural and artistic landscape of Brussels. This desire is already evident in the involvement of Belgian artist Elzo DURT in a permanent exhibition of psychedelic works designed for the GREENWICH MODERN, and in the programming of renowned artists from the Belgian music scene.

The GREENWICH MODERN also spreads its wings by offering festive weekend parties with the presence of emerging and well-known Brussels DJs, whose music can be enjoyed with the tasting of our Signature Cocktails, concocted with talent by our mixologist.


A Brussels institution steeped in history!

Located in the historic heart of Brussels, between the Bourse, rue Antoine Dansaert and the Halles Saint-Géry district, the GREENWICH, nestled at number 7 rue des Chartreux, is a true Brussels institution, one of the last old "Belle Epoque" taverns steeped in history.

Built in 1904, this Art Nouveau masterpiece was designed by the architect Aimable DELUNE. This magnificent Brasserie, which has stood the test of time, was renovated in the original style by the Ghent architect Pol ROBBRECHT, on the initiative of a Dutch investor and patron, Kees EIJROND, who is well known in Belgium as the former general manager of Rosas, the dance company created by Anne Teresa DE KEERSMAEKER.

The GREENWICH's reputation is also based on the fact that throughout the 20th century it was the temple of the capital's chess players. A former owner wrote: "At the Greenwich you are judged on one criterion only, your chess level. This explains why René Magritte did not have much success when he tried to sell his surrealist paintings. The general opinion was that if Magritte painted like he played chess, he still had a long way to go.

For every day, the famous surrealist artist René MAGRITTE (1898-1967) got off the tram at the Bourse to go, not to work, but to play chess at the GREENWICH, with his banker and accountant friends ; one could also meet him there in the company of his friends of the Belgian surrealist movement, such as Paul NOUGE, Marcel MARIEN, Christian DOTREMONT, Camille GOEMANS, Marcel LECOMTE, Louis SCUTENAIRE, E.L.T. MESENS.

The GREENWICH has also been the location for several film scenes, including "L'Orcheste Rouge" in 1989, with Claude BRASSEUR, Roger HANIN and François BERLEAND.